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Me and my lady at cupcake.

Ugh, love this!

"if you give me an extra scoop ill pound that pussy extra hard next time"

- man of my dreams


★ 8th MatchWigs weekly giveaway ! ★

hey guys, i’ll now be hosting a weekly giveaway for a $30 voucher from MatchWigs! it’s a super lovely, online store that sells high- quality wigs. what i mean by a weekly giveaway is that you’ll literally have the chance to win a free wig every week. since this is a weekly giveaway, though, the deadline ends in seven days ( or april 21st ! ) and a winner will be chosen by random.

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★ starts: april 14th ★

★ ends: april 21st ★

(via princifer)

so its been done.

garrettt and i both got home from work yesterday and he started telling me that my father no longer refers to him as my “fuck buddy” he now calls him my “boyfriend”…… Basically both decided we dont give a shit we aren’t soup cans and we just enjoy our time together. may as well enjoy my time with him before he moves to Washington to live closer to his son.

punchesandpolygons asked: So I've been looking through all my liked posts and noticed/looked at all the ones of yours I've liked and I must say.... you're as close to the perfect girl as I've ever encountered. IMO of course.